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Think Scrap Metal Bins?
Think 1300 Got Scrap!

It’s a service we provide to our clients who have bulk scrap metals to be disposed of or recycled. We have good quality scrap metal bins to offer

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Scrap metals need to have a good quality container that holds the metals stains and chemicals.  Our practice is always beyond standards

We will arrange Scrap Metal Bins for your business.

1300 Got Scrap provides all sizes of bins in Perth from small collection bins to larger ones for construction sites, window makers, manufacturers, fabricators, fencing companies, and engineering sites. 

Our company can also be a scrap metal bin hire which means we got all it for all. We will take care of all your scrap metals in all different forms. We are the scrap metal bins near me. You can simply call our toll-free number.

We regularly supply bins for 

  • Construction sites
  • Fencing companies
  • Window makers
  • Engineering sites
  • Manufacturers
  • Fabricators

Common Scrap We Buy

  • Offcuts
  • Metal turnings
  • Manufacturing scrap metal
  • Decommissioned machinery
  • Construction scrap metal
    Steel, copper, aluminum & more
  • Fast, Quality, and
  • Reliable Scrap Metal Bin

1300 got scrap to sort out metal bins for free for all clients aside from offering free scrap metal removal.

You can suggest the size of the metal bin depending on your needs. In addition to the scrap metal bins we offer, we also accept all kinds of scrap metals whether from domestic to industrial. On the other hand, we also accept car scrap metal that needs to have proper disposal. In particular, we offer top-dollar deals for scrap car metals or engine parts.

We 1300 Got Scrap to believe that we can be the best service for saving our environment.

Now, Covid19 strikes our economy badly and everyone needs to get extra cash for their daily need. It is good to sell your unused car or any year make and model of the vehicle. So, to start you can call us and talk to one of our experts on how to do business with us and we love to assist and offer you all our services.

We have multiple scrap metal bins depending on the size needed. We also have a good number of trucks and trailers that we can provide to collect all the scrap metal bins.

Furthermore, we can supply bins to commercial industries. 1300 Got Scrap is a company that provides services not only in Maddington but also in the near suburbs. We are one of the top scrap metal dealers that you can always rely on.

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If you need to know more about the metal bins, call us and we love to talk to you about it.

If you wanted to send us an email, feel free as well.

About Our Team

We are a bunch of scrap metal experts with the best training and with licences. Moreover, we are customer service oriented. We always consider and treat each customer how they wanted to be treated and what are their expectations that is why we have more referrals. There are more scrap metal companies in Perth but we outstand them because of the services we provide and the best fair rate we offer.